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Diversity incubator

Preaching what we practice

Thomas Blekman founded Effectuation-Intelligence Netherlands while serving as partner at De Beukelaar Groep. De Beukelaar Groep is an effectual organization that specializes in organizational and people development.

The De Beukelaar Groep team has unconsciously applied Corporate Effectuation for decades. Upon being introduced to Effectuation, Thomas immediately recognized the power of the principles because they perfectly described the DNA and organizational mindset of De Beukelaar Groep. If you find Effectuation to be a difficult word, feel free to call it “Beuk’s Way”.

Meet De Beukelaar Groep

We have made a movie to introduce De Beukelaar Groep. It’s the name of the company through which we offer Corporate effectuation programs such as Hackathons, Accelerators, Off-sites and all other types of team and individual development programs focusing on improving organizational performance. Please contact us if you would like to know more about our programs and what they can do for you. You can also call us at +31 (0)88 66 44 401 or send us a direct e-mail. We’d love to hear from you!

Challenging perspectives

The image above is that of a well-known illusion. Younger children, or those who are young at heart, have not been causally formatted and can only see dolphins. However, most biased adults can only see the ‘romantic’ picture.

The De Beukelaar Groep story

The De Beukelaar Groep has never been a start-up: it was always here, as a group of talented individuals who are permanently busy in creating unique programs for organizational behavior and executive development. And by doing so, we are changing (their) clients’ lives, in both business and personal context.


We created this website for the purposes of sharing effectuation knowledge, inspiring others to apply our corporate effectuation body of knowledge in their daily business activities and to get into contact with professionals who would like to learn more about various business services we offer.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about our programs and what they can do for you. You can also call us at +31 (0)88 66 44 400 or send us a direct e-mail.



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Post from the frontier!

Organizational development

Opening minds

For decades, we at the De Beukelaar Groep have had the privilege of working with some of the larger corporates in both the Netherlands and abroad. Most of the time, we are trusted with the tasks of facilitating and rejuvenating, and sometimes even reinventing, these execution machines who are operating in ever-changing markets.

We are known for our unorthodox approach.

We believe that organizational development should be the goal and that people development is the key to success. People will develop best when they are faced with challenging and surprising circumstances that require them to confront both themselves and others.

Location location location

It takes a bit more than an average run of the mill venue to get there.

In our years of experience in working with groups we became aware that chosing the right location makes all the difference. It’s not about luxury or status. It’s all about the energy that bubbles and

Official Beukelaar-website

please visit www.debeukelaar.com

The purpose of this page is to explain how Effectuation-intelligence Netherlands and the De Beukelaar Groep are connected. Due to the fact that the De Beukelaar Groep offers a broad range of highly diversified value propositions, we felt it would be good to describe the relationship between Effectuation-intelligence Netherlands and De Beukelaar Groep. After all, we wouldn’t want you to become disoriented when visiting www.debeukelaar.com.