Introducing the Effectuation principles

The Principles Learn how Expert Entrepreneurs Think, Decide and Act!

The 5 Principles

Effectuation is a set of (5) decision-making principles expert entrepreneurs are observed to employ in situations of true uncertainty.

BIRD IN HAND principle

BIRD IN HAND principle

- start with your means -

We have been taught that entrepreneurs are true visionaries. Research shows that expert entrepreneurs are no more visionary than you and me. They are, however, very creative! When expert entrepreneurs set out to build a new venture, they are creative with their available means: who am I?, what do I know?, whom do I know?, What do I have? Expert entrepreneurs imagine possibilities that originate from their available means.

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- focus on the downside risk -

We have been taught that entrepreneurs are insane risk-takers. About 80 percent of the researched expert entrepreneurs, however, were found to limit their risks to what they can afford to lose at each step, instead of seeking large all-or nothing bets. So don’t let this myth keep you from becoming an entrepreneur. Focus on limiting the downside to an affordable level that can be controlled and do not try to predict the upside as this is impossible under true uncertainty.

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CRAZY QUILT principle

CRAZY QUILT principle

- form partnerships -

Expert entrepreneurs build partnerships with self-selecting stakeholders. By obtaining pre-commitments from these key partners early on in the venture, expert entrepreneurs reduce risk and co-create the new market with its interested participants. The quilting partners provide additional means with which the team can be creative with and limit the risks of the new venture. Don’t pay for means and increase risk, share revenues and limit investments.

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LEMONADE principle

LEMONADE principle

- leverage contingencies -

Expert entrepreneurs invite the surprise factor. They know that the future is uncertain. Learning faster than your competitor is key. Take small organic steps and validate learning. Instead of making ‘What if?’ scenarios to deal with worst-case scenarios, experts interpret bad news and surprises as potential clues to create new markets and adjust value propositions.

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- control versus prediction -

By focusing on activities within their control, expert entrepreneurs know their actions will eventually result in a desired outcome. An effectual worldview is rooted in the belief that the future is neither found nor predicted, but rather made. So take action. Set small affordable steps and learn faster than your competitors while creating a future you and I want to live in.

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Ondernemer in 100 dagen

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With this book we guide you through the 11 steps that will lead you from your founder’s purpose to growing your first revenues. During the 100 days program we will help you develop a new and real life value proposition, guide you in the validation of your assumptions and get you to a product-market fit and your first revenues.

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Effectuation in Action

At De Beukelaar Groep we have build a body of knowledge upon the Effectuation principles. We offer multiple services to unleash the entrepreneurial potential within established companies. We love what we do and have developed it to a level of expertise that even companies such as 3M trust us with their talents.


unsuitable ‘big business tools’

After half a century of practice, we know unequivocally that the traditional MBA curriculum for running large companies does not work for teams searching for and co-creating new, repeatable, scalable and profitable business models.

Why we are excited!

The entrepreneurial secret revealed

Have you ever wondered what type of magic tricks entrepreneurs use when successfully growing their businesses in this unpredictable day and age? The good news: There’s no magic involved!

Effectuation describes how expert entrepreneurs like Richard Branson think, decide and act. The Truth is, anyone who is willing WILLING to become entrepreneurial can! It’s all up for grabs, thanks to Saras Sarasvathy.

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The Stress of Uncertainty


Launching a business is riddled with stressful uncertainties. You worry about feeding your family, paying your employees, or investing your own money without a guarantee of success. As an entrepreneur, learning to manage that stress will make you a happier — and more successful — business leader.

Steve Jobs was an Effectuator too!

The excellent blog written by Cooper and Vlaskovits is right!
Steve Jobs, like other great entrepreneurs, such as Jeff Bezos, Thomas Edison, and Henry Ford, didn’t have a perfect vision of the future. Neither should you. Learn from Jobs: experiment, learn, adapt and, above all, persevere!

Effectuation for companies

We have made Effectuation suitable for companies

In recent years, established companies have turned into execution machines. While markets and business environments have transformed, many businesses continue to sell value propositions through the same known business models. Following the same methods and models while focusing purely on operational excellence has simultaneously caused them to focus on excellence in execution.

The quick changing pace in which these companies operate is no different than the changing pace in which highly successful expert entrepreneurs operate, they are each faced with many of the same obstacles and challenges. The world in which established companies operate is no longer predictable and stable. In order to keep up with the pace of change, corporate leaders, managers, and professionals must develop new skill sets for seeking out new opportunities and developing new business models that enable them to achieve valuable and sustainable growth. That is why we developed Corporate Effectuation, we can help. Effectuation describes how expert entrepreneurs think, decide and act.

Reading material!

Written to be used

Saras Sarasvathy began her research on effectuation 10 years ago. Since then, a lot of additional research material has been published. Here you can find a various scientific papers on the subject as well as a link to our books. We also have a list of books that inspire us. Happy reading!

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Our team consists of a wide variety of professionals, each with their own expertise. Together we cover the entire spectrum of business. Please meet our passionate effectuators, all of whom are entrepreneurs and have impressive corporate backgrounds.


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