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Effectuation movies

Meet De Beukelaar Groep

De Beukelaar Groep

Meet De Beukelaar Groep and find out how we apply corporate Effectuation in the best companies.


Thanks to Saras Sarasvathy, we were able to crack the code of Corporate Entrepreneurship and innovation. Find out what corporates, managers, professionals and entrepreneurs can learn from expert entrepreneurs.


Fighting Uncertainty

René Mauer

PechaKucha on Effectuation by colleague René Mauer
Planning Vs. Co-Creation


We facilitated 75 top talents of RWE Essent, Heijmans and TNO. This is a short Dutch recap with English subtitles.


Co-creation event (Dutch)

Thomas Blekman

Co-creation event at Heijmans, TNO and Essent. The Battle of concepts! 75 top talents in one room for part of a day and wow!


An example in Dutch what corporate effectuation could mean for your people development.


FLOW24! Hackathlon

Thomas Blekman

Dutch movie reporting on our 24 hour hackathon based on corporate effectuation.


This video was suggested by Rodney Reis
He states: Stuart Read’s” video about the Ice Hotel is the next best thing to listening to the man himself presenting the case by the lake Geneva shoreline.” Enjoy!


Our colleague, Gert Poppe, being interviewed in Dutch for Z-news. In this video, Gert explains what we can learn from Jazz, which is quite similar to an Effectuation approach and what you could expect in one of his workshops.


The Freitag brothers

Stuart Read

IMD Prof. Stuart Read is member in our board of inspiration. In this video he unravels the success story of the Freitag brothers.


IMD Prof. Stuart Read and member of our board of inspiration talks about the difficulty in shifting from causal decision-making to effectual decision-making.


If we don’t want to turn into the next Kodak, we should apply corporate effectuation.


IMD Prof. Stuart Read and member of our board of inspiration talks about Agilyx (Risk Little, Fail Cheap, Succeed Sooner: The Affordable Loss Principle).


The Entrepreneurial Method

Saras Sarasvathy

In this video, Saras Sarasvathy, member of our board of inspiration and founder of Effectuation theory, explains how she discovered the theory and describes the general principles of the entrepreneurial method.


This short video was created in order to explain to corporate managers and future entrepreneurs what effectuation is. Moreover, it explains what these corporate managers and future entrepreneurs can learn from expert entrepreneurs. In a nutshell, Effectuation offers control under uncertainty.


In this video by our swiss colleague, we do away with the ten myths of entrepreneurship — and show how one can create a successful start-up business without money, a business plan or even an idea. The insights originate from Effectuation theory.


The Entrepreneur in Us All

Saras Sarasvathy

People often speak of entrepreneurs as if they are a different species that is highly talented and loves risk. Professor Saras Sarasvathy explains what characteristics successful entrepreneurs share.


In this TEDX talk, our colleague, Michael Faschingbauer explains the effectuation principles in German.


Effectuation related movies

Empowering Entrepreneurs

Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship

The Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (ECE) embodies Erasmus University’s focus on entrepreneurship, maintaining the university founders’ century-old ambition. The ECE is where the many facets of entrepreneurship find a home, bringing business and academia together. In our three main focus areas you can learn new skills (Education), acquire new knowledge (Research) and apply the skills and knowledge (Services).




Amazing video by FightMediocrity, a channel dedicated to fighting mediocrity through big ideas.


Remix available means

Kirby Ferguson

In this TEDX-talk, Kirby describes and shows that everything is a remix. Corporates have insane amounts of means, so the very best place to be as an entrepreneurial individual might be in a corporate environment.


Go to 8:42 min and until 10:00 min to understand why you should always start with asking yourself the question: Who am I? This is an integral aspect of the Bird in hand principle!


We have worked with Eddy Obeng for years. In this clip, Eddy explains the importance of applying Corporate Effectuation. Simply, Corporate Effectuation is the number one solution to coping and thriving in, what Eddy terms, “the new world”.


Peter is part of our team and, in this talk, he describes our approach towards students, employees and leaders. Every individual is valuable and offers a unique set of beliefs, values, passions and should be appreciated and listened to.


The first step in assessing available means in the ‘Bird in Hand’ principle is done by asking yourself the question: Who am I?
The answer describes your passions and believes. And we should spend much more time with this assessment than we usually do. It strengthens the ties in the crazy quilt and it provides energy and inspiration that can be harnessed to guide your imagined ends!


Richard Branson on Affordable loss

The Wall Street Journal

Richard Branson is a great example of an effectuator. Not surprisingly, he is an expert entrepreneurs. We prefer to call him Richard Branding, as he is absolutely a master in branding and marketing a venture. In this clip/interview, he describes how he applied the crazy quilt principle, which he probably did unconsciously.


In this video, Susan Cain demonstrates that professionals who are perceived as nerdy introverts can unleash their potential and impact on the world if they start acting as their personal bird in hand and begin to ask: Who am I?
Effectuators start from their personal identity, values and beliefs.


Great video by Jason Fried about a hot topic in most corporates. We want to be in control, but we also know that we need a culture that promotes experimentation and innovation. We love this video, it explains why validated learning is key in our Destination Unknown program.