hang-out with dull and you shall become more dull...


Challenging perspectives

The image above is that of a well-known illusion. Younger children, or those who are young at heart, have not been causally formatted and can only see dolphins. However, most biased adults can only see the ‘romantic’ picture.

The De Beukelaar Groep story

The De Beukelaar Groep has never been a start-up: it was always here, as a group of talented individuals who are permanently busy in creating unique programs for organizational behavior and executive development. And by doing so, we are changing (their) clients’ lives, in both business and personal context.

Inspired and connected through Edwin de Beukelaar, who adopted effectuation before he was born, the group’s founders decided to use his name in the branding of the organization.

clients, clients and…

For clients, incorporating the effectuation principles has resulted in exciting effects and changes, inspiring monthly results, and profound transformations in organizational leadership. The De Beukelaar Groep team members have worked together to create a unique collaboration opportunities with clients that don’t require extensive contracts or years of planning.

In the early days, 1998, some team members of the De Beukelaar Groep were teased and ignored by peers and competitors. Eventually, however, they were enjoyed, values, and hired by innovative new clients who believed in their unique combination of business, innovation, and development. Being different took them on quite a journey!

Grow and glow?

Aligning a non-focus approach (within development/organizational effectiveness) with a growing number of partners (16 in 2011) and a warm circle (96 in 2011) of (non-) connected effectuators was a tough ride. New programs, new (types of ) clients and the unbelievable pace of changes created new challenges and mindsets, and in the process, we grew in wisdom, approachability and achieved great changes.

The downsides of this were inimitable speed, nonchalance, and a touch of fatigue. However, working closely with clients and the ever-increasing demand for New World HR people (GSK, Pfi zer, Aegon, ING, Cisco, Rabobank, Vebego, Deloitte, and others) kept the core team motivated and inspired.

Every aspect of the development of the De Beukelaar Groep, with the exception of our wonderful traffic management, which was initiated by Mrs. Mandy Koek and friends, was an accident. The development of our logos, activities, and acquisition of partners/trainees all came together at once as we focused on listening to new markets, partners, and participants.

It was a tough ride, and it’s getting harder every day…but it’s a ride that’s filled with laughter, tears, and 24/7 dedication as we work with courageous clients Thank you for joining us on this breath-taking journey, we look forward to getting to know as we work together to change the world.