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Thomas Blekman founded Effectuation-Intelligence Netherlands while serving as partner at De Beukelaar Groep. De Beukelaar Groep is an effectual organization that specializes in organizational and people development.

The De Beukelaar Groep team has unconsciously applied Corporate Effectuation for decades. Upon being introduced to Effectuation, Thomas immediately recognized the power of the principles because they perfectly described the DNA and organizational mindset of De Beukelaar Groep. If you find Effectuation to be a difficult word, feel free to call it “Beuk’s Way”.

As a result of the fact that the principles accurately describe the ways that the De Beukelaar Groep operates (even better than our team could describe), the principles were received by team members with some mixed feelings. Adopting the principles was our first lesson in what happens within organizations when Corporate Effectuation is introduced.

Some of our team members embraced the theory and principles that were discovered by Saras Sarasvathy and immediately supported Thomas. Some members of the team, on the other hand, passionately renamed the principles “eFUCKtuation”. This initial reaction killed the charm and demystified the inner workings of what had intensely connected the partners of Beukelaar Groep for years.

After a few successful client sessions in which the organizational work structure of De Beukelaar Groep was explained to team members, and of course authoring two of his own books on the subject, the team began to embrace the principles that were introduced to the organization by Thomas. He was then able to move forward as a pioneer and unleash his own version of Corporate Effectuation into the international market, starting in the Netherlands.

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