hang-out with dull and you shall become more dull...


Location location location

It takes a bit more than an average run of the mill venue to get there.

In our years of experience in working with groups we became aware that chosing the right location makes all the difference. It’s not about luxury or status. It’s all about the energy that bubbles and

The atmosphere we managed to create within the accelerator is decisive and one that will bring about a real difference. Openness, respect, and trust are the basis in which we function and achieve results. Nonetheless, it will take much more than these traits to achieve the sparkle, creativity, and complete change in principles for groups to transform and create value. Achieving these objectives call for an atmosphere that can be felt, tasted, and smelled as soon as you walk into a startup’s office. It’s an atmosphere that makes you feel good and brings about a desire to trade in your suit for a t-shirt and pair of jeans.

You yearn to dance, the dance of chance!

Such an atmosphere can be created by picking a surprising location; one that differs from what people are used to, and a place that keeps reinventing itself over and over again, such as a refreshingly unorthodox beach premises or a converted factory occupied by designers and other creative minds. The energy of your mentors are the icing on the cake. The atmosphere we should strive to create should suffice to persuade the bank of England to open its doors, so that the boys and girls can come out and play, arriving at the most spectacularly inconceivable creations.