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Organizational development

Opening minds

For decades, we at the De Beukelaar Groep have had the privilege of working with some of the larger corporates in both the Netherlands and abroad. Most of the time, we are trusted with the tasks of facilitating and rejuvenating, and sometimes even reinventing, these execution machines who are operating in ever-changing markets.

We are known for our unorthodox approach.

We believe that organizational development should be the goal and that people development is the key to success. People will develop best when they are faced with challenging and surprising circumstances that require them to confront both themselves and others.

The programs we have initiated and the projects we have taken on have taken us to many exotic places, from caves high in the mountains to hotels we’ll hopefully never have to visit again. These journeys have always been with the best faculty and have assisted us in our own personal growth and development as well. As a result, we are very grateful to our clients.

Like our clients, we too also had to reinvent ourselves over the years. Beginning as trainers, we grew into guides. As guides, we have been able to facilitate and coach top leadership teams in creating solutions to challenges faced by organizations that are operating in uncertain and ever-changing markets. As a team, we are not very well suited to engage in repetitive training. We enjoy creating new and individually tailored programs that meet the needs of each organization we work with. As a result of our individually tailored programs, we could never be nearly as efficient as our competitors, who themselves have turned into execution machines. We simply love what we preach that is to search for new opportunities for change. We specialize in guiding teams that feel the urge to grow and reinvent the way they operate and deliver value.

We experience and identify a great deal of unharnessed potential in established companies. Moreover, creating value is our passion and we see it as our duty to help these companies unleash their full potential. We simply love what we do and so should you. Once you had over your trust to us, we will guide you and assist you in orchestrating a high performing entrepreneurial culture!