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Challenge 4: Leading Effectively

Successful leadership starts here

Leading effectively is no easy task and is definitely not a wide-spread craft. Hierarchies, goals and plans usually restrict freedom of design in leading a group of people down a narrow path. However, at the same time the team consists of individuals, each of whom have their own specific knowledge, abilities and personalities.

These individual qualities and characteristics must be brought together in order to achieve successful teamwork. Moreover, the leader must also bring their knowledge, abilities and personality to the table. The task grows even more complex when team constellations change often. We suggest that effectuation should be used as an additional tool for successful leadership.

Are these your challenges:

  • Teams consist of a set of diverse individuals that have to be led to successful teamwork – how should we manage diversity?
  • How can our leaders be trained in using the resources of their teams effectively?
  • Team constellations tend to change often – how should we approach this issue?
  • The project is tight on time, resources and budget – how can our leaders put these to effective use with their teams?
  • How can our leaders induce innovative thinking in a team?
  • How can our leaders make better use of the entrepreneurial potential in our teams?
  • What are viable alternatives to setting fixed goals and developing sophisticated plans for effective teamwork?
  • How can leadership be organized in uncharted territory?

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