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Challenge 5: Managing change

Modification of traditional Project and Change management

In an ever more complex and dynamic world, we need to alter the ways we manage projects and change programs. Recent research findings, even in the field of R&D, indicates that projects with a high degree of innovation perform better when tackled effectually. To take advantage of these findings, several rules of traditional project management have to be modified.

We support managers in defining and implementing these changes in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Are you faced with any of these challenges:

  • How to determine the innovation level of a project in an uncertain environment?
  • Which traditional change management elements are counterproductive when doing projects in an unpredictable environment?
  • How can the projects be set up in an effectual, non-predictive manner?
  • How can customers and partners be engaged in effectual project management?
  • How can the performance of explorative R&D projects be assessed

If you are faced with any of these challenges, please get in touch with us!