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challenge 8: people engagement

Repairs or prevention?

As we have seen, most corporates spend a lot of time and money on people-engagement initiatives. It’s our suggestion that they invest in Corporate Effectuation programs, such as our Destination Unknown program. Implementing such programs within your organization will enable you to check 8 out of the 10 boxes above. The last two items on the list are items that only you can realize.

If the list above seems to be an oversimplification that could never lead to higher levels of people-engagement, guess again. If you have ever doubted your role within your organization, one of the reasons will be on the list. It was taken from a Forbes blog which described how some of your talents will be obsolete in the coming year. However, we prefer to look at things a bit of a more positive and constructive angle. While we interpret it playfully, it is something that we take dead serious.

Why aren’t you taking your employees seriously?

They are the ones who know what is going on; what their customers are actually expecting, complaining about and wishing for; and even if they don’t, they will know what your bird in hand is really all about. By engaging them and inspiring them to come up with new business opportunities built from available means and in co-creation with one another, you will see that people engagement is no longer an issue. We start from their personal passions and beliefs and guide them towards solutions that are aligned with the strategic goals of the organization. And if you want to be challenged, challenge them! Take them serious and let us unleash their full potential!