What leaders, managers and professionals should learn form expert entrepreneurs


Orchestrate Kick-ass Corporates

Under the supervision of the world’s leading consultancy firms, many corporates have been transformed into pandas; execution machines; all of these organizations operate with a singular focus on efficiency as their core competence. Chewing and digesting bamboo is hard, really hard! Have you ever tried digesting bamboo?

The problem, however, is that the bamboo is disappearing and the panda needs to rethink its business model! As we should have learned by now, businesses need to be ambidextrous and unique when improving initiatives and creating opportunities for growth and value. Introduce yourself to the discipline of expert entrepreneurs and learn what to do next!

If we don’t want to turn into the next Kodak, we should apply corporate effectuation. learn more

If you don’t believe me, The Raw Story reported May 14 that Tesla (Nasdaq:TSLA) is worth more than Fiat (OTCBB:FIATY), despite the fact that the Italian car-maker is producing 200 times as many cars. While Tesla is an amazing story, its valuation has become frothy, to say the least. Comparing Tesla’s financials to GM or Ford is a near-impossible task. With production is only now starting to ramp up and profitability is still hit or miss on a quarterly basis, comparing anything earnings-related is like comparing apples to oranges. On a price-to-sales basis, Tesla is currently trading at 10.2 times the sales of Ford and GM, which are 0.35 in comparison.

The fact is, we can no longer predict what will happen anymore. Who can tell Tesla will make it and if Fiat will survive? We simply can’t. We should have the guts to admit this and shift our mindset and approach! We need to Orchestrate Kick-ass pandas to make sure we don’t waste the value that is in all corporates. NOW is the time when we should be proactively adapting!

Boston Consulting Group provides us with sufficient proof that the world is changing. We need to develop a new skill set! Next to ‘execution’, we need ‘search’ and ‘build’ skills too. Just check out these three slides, proving that we need to orchestrate adaptability in a corporate setting: