What leaders, managers and professionals should learn form expert entrepreneurs


Will you join us?!

Are you open minded, adventurous and able to plan time to sharpen your saw?

If that is the case: You are invited! Join us at a small-scale gathering with great and inspiring people, called Orchestrators, who will share their knowledge and professional insight.

All we ask of you: Join us, stand up for what you believe in, and help us cover the costs. Be ready to transform yourself from just another passenger to the pilot in the plane!

Eventbrite - Orchestrating for Change

By attending these stimulating and enriching gatherings, you will be provided with a new tool set, principles, a roadmap, and fresh insights that will empower you to increase your impact as an orchestrator of meaningful change, even when you lack formal hierarchical power.

The gatherings include multiple surprise speakers who serve as agents of change. Through their wisdom, experience, and insights, they will challenge you to take a different approach to change, one that will guide you towards your own ‘Destination Unknown’…

Surround yourself with open-minded adventure-seekers who are bored with operational excellence initiatives. Together, you will share insights and ideas that will improve your personal impact when operating in uncertain and unpredictable environments. Awaken your entrepreneurial mind!

It’s our ambition to inspire established companies to adopt and embrace policies and practices that are more entrepreneurial. What is yours?