The start-up discipline made suitable for established companies



Engaged people making affordable proposals that work

In just a couple months time, your employees will be transformed into true entrepreneurs. In addition to transforming in a way that will allow them to identify and develop new business opportunities, they will also begin to start thinking, deciding and acting like expert entrepreneurs. In many cases, most of the teams will generate more revenue during the program than the actual investment cost of the program itself.

Destination Unknown is to corporate entrepreneurship as to what Sigma Six is to operational excellence. Simply, it’s a rigorous approach that delivers results!

Advantages of our Destination Unknown accelerator:

  • The initial investment is affordable; it will always be earned back.
  • Immediate innovative and entrepreneurial behavior within your organization.
  • Collaboration between different business lines and preferred business partners.
  • Employees learn to understand and appreciate the scale of the available means within the company.
  • Business ideas don’t end up in a drawer; they are discussed, tested, and implemented.
  • Risky assumptions are tested rigorously.
  • The new business opportunities developed are strategically aligned and scalable whenever suitable.
  • The true potential of your company and organizational members get a fair chance to show themselves.