The start-up discipline made suitable for established companies


Corporate Effectuation

Dealing with dynamic & unpredictable environments

Now you know about the 5 principles of Effectuation. However, wouldn’t it be great if these easy-to-learn guidelines were within reach of the CEOs, CFOs, and CMOs at large companies that are looking for flexibility and guided entrepreneurship to help them navigate unpredictable and unstable environments? If you’re that organizational leader, look no further, because this is exactly why we developed Corporate Effectuation!

Combining the existing means of a corporate and the mindset of an expert entrepreneur will allow businesses to prosper and thrive in ways that are unimaginable when using causal logic. Simply, it’s our passion and ambition to transform larger organizations into entrepreneurial powerhouses that are equally entrepreneurial as serial entrepreneurs. Doing so adds exponential value to both their customers and society as a whole. Creating opportunities for validation, collaboration, and the production and delivery of goods and services is our number one goal.

So if you are operating in a dynamic and unpredictable environment and want to learn how you can better cope with unpredictability while achieving sustainable growth, contact us so we can arrange a meeting.