The start-up discipline made suitable for established companies


Unsuitable ‘big business tools’

“Most of what you hear about entrepreneurship is all wrong! It’s not magic; it’s not mysterious; and it has nothing to do with genes. It’s a discipline and like any discipline it can be learned.” – Peter Drucker

After half a century of practice, we know unequivocally that the traditional MBA curriculum for running large companies does not work for teams searching for and co-creating new, repeatable, scalable and profitable business models.

Teams focusing on the creation of new, repeatable, scalable and profitable business models need both a different mindset and toolset than is normally required when executing a known business model.

As a result of conducting intensive and rigorous research, we have been able to develop a new way for established companies to become more entrepreneurial without having to risk a great amount of resources and potential losses. We believe this is important because adaptability increases performance potential, especially during periods of exponential change. We achieve this by unleashing hidden and unused potential by teaching our clients and guiding them through the entrepreneurial discipline.

Through this intensive program, you, as a business executive, will set the direction for your talented professionals. After that, it will be up to them to find and create new, repeatable, scalable, and profitable business modes within a limited period of time.

In collaboration with an extensive and amazing team of academics and (corporate) entrepreneurs, we can orchestrate a time-sensitive approach which offers you:
- Increased entrepreneurial expertise of your talents
- An extensive new entrepreneurial toolbox
- New, scalable and profitable business models that will be pitched to you at the end of our program

Together we will unleash the potential of your organization and will grow the entrepreneurial capabilities creating new pathways that will facilitate growth from within.

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