The start-up discipline made suitable for established companies


What we offer

We have developed Destination Unknown in order to provide you with a toolset and framework that will enable you to deliver and create value and growth in order to compensate for declining revenues, which are a result of utilizing old business models in unpredictable and uncertain markets.

Destination Unknown is a service that guides the search and creation of new business models and, unlike McKinsey and the Boston Consulting Group, it will be your own talents’ potential that will be unleashed to ensure engagement and an optimal fit within the company’s DNA. Our background is in executive and management development. Being academics and serial entrepreneurs ourselves, we have the tools, knowledge, resources and entrepreneurial expertise necessary to assist you in unleashing the entrepreneurial potential within your company. Stop wasting your time and money in implementing the same outdated strategies that have been sold to your competitors, take the road less traveled. The alternative we offer is a risk friendly and widely acclaimed process that makes the most out of your available means and resources. We do this by applying entrepreneurial expertise and a process that was initially developed for start-ups, yet is adaptable and highly effective within corporate settings. We unleash entrepreneurial action from within and guide the energy towards your strategic direction!

We are searching for daredevils who hate risks and know that contemporary business environments and markets require a different approach when creating value!

Through our professional background and firsthand experience, we feel that many of the ‘big business tools’, rules and processes taught in business school have become outdated and ineffective in today’s ever-changing markets. In order to overcome many of the common obstacles and challenges that are currently faced by companies, you need to become more entrepreneurial and adaptable to change. But how can you control this process in ever-changing environments? Through Destination Unknown, we will introduce you to a controlled and adaptable innovation process that will utilize your existing means to create manageable, yet free spirited, entrepreneurs, scalable business models and a new way of scaling the height of your performance.

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