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Effectuation for companies

We have made Effectuation suitable for companies

In recent years, established companies have turned into execution machines. While markets and business environments have transformed, many businesses continue to sell value propositions through the same known business models. Following the same methods and models while focusing purely on operational excellence has simultaneously caused them to focus on excellence in execution.

The quick changing pace in which these companies operate is no different than the changing pace in which highly successful expert entrepreneurs operate, they are each faced with many of the same obstacles and challenges. The world in which established companies operate is no longer predictable and stable. In order to keep up with the pace of change, corporate leaders, managers, and professionals must develop new skill sets for seeking out new opportunities and developing new business models that enable them to achieve valuable and sustainable growth. That is why we developed Corporate Effectuation, we can help. Effectuation describes how expert entrepreneurs think, decide and act.

With the available means of a corporate and an effectuation mindset, businesses can prosper in a way that many can’t even imagine. The changes achieved through Corporate Effectuation are even more impressive and pronounced when you compare them to the advice received from highly priced old school consultants who provide reports which tell you how you can become even more similar to your competitors.

It’s time to stop the ‘me-too’ benchmarking insanity! It’s killing your identity, value and engagement! It also doesn’t make you successful during the Search and Growth phases.

It is our passion and ambition to transform large organizations into entrepreneurial powerhouses that are equally as entrepreneurial as serial entrepreneurs. Becoming more entrepreneurial will serve to create more value for themselves, their customers, and society as a whole. Creating opportunities for validation, collaboration, and the production and delivery of goods and services is our number one goal. As a result of our first-hand experience, we have developed the skill set that’s required to create new business models and scale them in a corporate setting.

Do you recognize any of these quotes?:

- We’ve been working the business model canvas, but we still don’t know what to do next.
- How do I deliver the growth and value I pledged to my board?
- How can I nurture small valuable initiatives without losing sight of the core business operations?
- How can I prevent our culture of fear from killing our next ‘Post-it Notes’?
- What does it take to engage our employees and spark their passion and creativity to create value?
- How do I realize innovation without hugely expensive and uncontrolled gambles that could compromise the company?

If you recognize any of these quotes, we would love to help you!

Through our extensive network and first-hand experience, we can facilitate a transformational process within your organization that will enable you to pursue aggressive growth targets without risking massive downside losses. The solutions we offer you combine personal and team development with NEW school consulting and facilitation to provide you with entrepreneurial insight and expertise.

Effectuation is widely acclaimed as a rigorous framework for understanding the creation and growth of new organizations and markets in the academic world. Effectuation theory was founded in 2001 by Prof.dr. Saras Sarasvathy. Through rigorous research and implementation, we have adapted Effectuation in a way that unleashes the full value and potential of established companies and organizations. We are proud to have Saras’ endorsement:

“For several years now, they have been working to bring effectual entrepreneurship to the corporate world. In the process, they have built their own toolbox on the topic. I commend their efforts and am happy to learn from them.” – Prof.dr. Saras Sarasvathy also member of our board of inspiration.

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