Introducing the Effectuation principles


Entrepreneur in 100 days!

Want to become an entrepreneur? Want to develop a business but you don’t know how or where to start? Than we have the solution for you! No matter where you are in the world, we will facilitate and guide you in our program: Entrepreneur in 100 days!

Proven effectiveness

Built upon our Effectuation body of knowledge and severely tested process and toolset, we are now offering you the possibility to become an entrepreneur in 100 days! Only for those who really want it! That’s all you need: the willingness to persevere and we will guide you through the journey.

We know what it’s like to want to take the plunge and not knowing how to limit the risk and figure out what your market should be. We now know how and we are therefore offering to guide you through the process. Hard work and great fun!

“Let’s make sure you don’t make the mistakes we have made…”

Also for teams and Entrepreneurs within established companies
Same program/approach is suitable for entrepreneurs working within an established company and who want to develop new business initiatives to grow the business. We will guide you too, as the same approach works wonders for you too! We should know as we guide teams a a broad range of corporates, among which even 3M…

Interested? Visit our Beta-website Entrepreneur in 100 days! just send an e-mail. and we will contact you for a first free consultation through Skype!

This is why we will confront you, challenge you, inspire you, give you tasks you never thought you would actually do and still call it guiding… :