Introducing the Effectuation principles



Making a difference!

We believe that entrepreneurship can make a difference in the world and that is why we strive to spread the entrepreneurial mindset. We are passionate about teaching and are inspired by the initiative entrepreneurs take to make things happen!

As we see, know and understand, not everyone has this entrepreneurial mindset. Therefore, we aim to make the scientific basis of entrepreneurship understandable, concrete, implementable, feasible and fun.

Time and again we see that organizations become inspired by the ways experienced entrepreneurs think and act. When using the Effectuation mindset, the DNA of businesses is transformed, they become future-oriented, decisive, and executive. This transformation adds value and more opportunities to achieve success in an ever-changing world.

In everything we do, we continue to lead the market and will never stop innovating and enriching ourselves with new insights. Intrinsic curiosity is embedded within our DNA. Our belief in application, vigor, and concretization is our motivation. The positive transformation of people and companies is our evidence.