Introducing the Effectuation principles


unsuitable ‘big business tools’

After half a century of practice, we know unequivocally that the traditional MBA curriculum for running large companies does not work for teams searching for and co-creating new, repeatable, scalable and profitable business models.

The search for a new business model requires dramatically different rules, roadmaps, skill sets and tools in order to:
- Guide direction
- Minimize risk to an affordable level
- Dramatically enhance chances for success

While receiving our coaching and guidance, you will be equipped with ready-to-use tools that can be used to orchestrate entrepreneurship within established companies. You will also have the opportunity to acquire insights and experiences from different companies that are operating in various industries.

Our approach is practice-driven and hands on. In combination with receiving inspiring talks containing valuable information, you will also be challenged to apply and experience Corporate Effectuation first-hand by collaborating with fellow participants.

Who is this training for:

• It’s for everyone who agrees that simply improving traditional execution of business models is not enough and for those who want to learn to apply entrepreneurial practices that will improve overall organizational effectiveness.

• Be skeptical, expect our approach to be similar to what others offer, assume corporate entrepreneurship is just a myth and be open for monumental surprises.

Possible results depending type of program:
• Validated new, repeatable, scalable and profitable business models
• Ability to apply the 5 widely acclaimed decision-making principles to cope with unpredictability and uncertainty
• Awareness of first-hand accounts about how multiple companies have already incorporated and benefited from corporate effectuation.
• Ready- to-use toolbox containing models that can be applied within your own company or organization
• First-hand experience with collaboration and ideas that are ready to be pursued
• The unleashing of hidden potential from within your company
• Increased adaptiveness of open professionals within your organization
• The awakening of your entrepreneurial potential and of your company and colleagues.
• The awakening of entrepreneurial potential within you, your company, and amongst colleagues

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