Introducing the Effectuation principles


Why we are excited!

The entrepreneurial secret revealed

Have you ever wondered what type of magic tricks entrepreneurs use when successfully growing their businesses in this unpredictable day and age? The good news: There’s no magic involved!

Effectuation describes how expert entrepreneurs like Richard Branson think, decide and act. The Truth is, anyone who is willing WILLING to become entrepreneurial can! It’s all up for grabs, thanks to Saras Sarasvathy.

On this website and through our program you will discover that there is a science to entrepreneurship — a common logic we have observed in expert entrepreneurs across industries, geographies, and time. We call it Effectuation, a method you can follow as you tackle problems while growing your own business.

Effectuation makes entrepreneurship learnable and easy to understand, this is what drives our excitement and enthusiasm. Take a moment to consider the implications this has for the future of business. With the five simple Effectuation principles (see above), you can either start or transform your company and make it a game-changing and valuable organization that will overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Don’t get us wrong.

We love Sir Richard, we really do. We applaud him for what he has done in the world. The only thing we want to change is your awareness! You too can be as entrepreneurial as Sir Richard, if you are truly willing. The only thing you need to do is learn and apply the Effectuation principles.