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René Mauer

Managing Founder Germany

René is an experienced consultant and researcher in the fields of effectuation, improvisation and innovation. He works closely with the Effectuation Intelligence Germany offices in Aachen and Cologne. René has worked for 3M, start-ups, in consulting, co-owns a family business and co-founded a high-tech start-up. René is also co-founder of the web platform, “Effectuation Forschung & Praxis” (www.effectuation.de), guest author in “Effectuation: Wie erfolgreiche Unternehmer denken, entscheiden und handeln”, Schäffer-Poeschel 2010 that was awarded “Managementbook of the year”, guest author in “Understanding the Entrepreneurial Mind”; Springer 2009; co-author in “Entrepreneurship: Unternehmerisches Denken, Entscheiden und Handeln in innovativen und technologieorientierten Unternehmen”, Schäffer-Poescher 2010, the German entrepreneurship teaching textbook.


Thomas Blekman

Managing Founder Netherlands

Thomas is an effectuation expert who specializes in facilitating the implementation of the effectuation principles within corporate and organizational settings. He is also a partner at De Beukelaar Groep. In addition to working with large corporates and private sector organizations, Thomas is passionate about transferring his knowledge and expertise to the next generation of entrepreneurs. He is currently a clinical professor at the Erasmus University’s Rotterdam School of Management and at the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship. This unique background provides Thomas with the opportunity to combine his real-world experience with academic research and theory.

Through his professional real-world experience and educational background, Thomas has become a leading consultant in the application of the effectuation principles; a prized designer of tailor-made corporate effectuation and organizational development programs; and a renowned international speaker. Simply, he offers to corporates what LeanStartup, StartupBootcamp and Rockstart offer to startups.

“For several years now, Thomas has been working to bring effectual entrepreneurship to the corporate world. In the process, he has built his own toolbox on the topic. I commend his efforts and am happy to learn from him.” – Prof. dr. Saras Sarasvathy, founder of the Effectuation theory.

As founder of Effectuation-Intelligence Netherlands, Thomas is responsible for the day-to-day management, leadership, and strategic partnering tasks in the Netherlands. He works closely with his dynamic team, a team which enables him to orchestrate effective programs that have a lasting impact.

+31 88 66 44 400 (our trafic management)



Edwin de Beukelaar

Co-Founder Netherlands and Guardian of Thomas

Edwin has been an effectuator before he was born. It was his modus operandi that taught Thomas how he could fulfill his mission in life: increase entrepreneurial behavior in a corporate setting. Edwin is founder of De Beukelaar Groep, an organization focused on organizational and people development. It was his unique guidance and confronting coaching style that enabled Thomas to become founder of Effectuation Intelligence Netherlands. Edwin’s role within Effectuation-Intelligence Netherlands differs from most others. In his own unique way, he challenges Thomas and other members of the team to ensure that Corporate Effectuation doesn’t become a hype like Blue Ocean strategy and Business Modeling. Through his dedication, knowledge, and professional insight, Edwin constantly has a 360-degree view of the projects and topics being work on by the team.


Rosemarie Konijnenburg

Senior Effectuator

Rosemarie facilitates the capturing process of the Identity from the organizational DNA and of the new value propositions as well, ensuring effective congruent marketing and communication. Here practices and expertise are utilized to speed up change management processes and sales. Rosemarie has worked with an extensive number of corporates and, as a result, has acquired an impressive reputation and track record as a creative advertising professional.


Peter Mulder

Senior Effectuator

Peter is a season professional who has worked on several business development and change management projects withing a multitude of corporates (e.g. Nike, KPN, Ahold, BASF, Atos Origin, Getronics, IBM, ING Bank, Randstad). As a result, he has developed a profound expertise around the creation of effective entrepreneurship teams. Peter is an expert in sensing team dynamics and translating this into on-the-job interventions that lead to team development and cohesion. He enjoys coaching, challenging and facilitating teams that have to co-create and orchestrate results.


Edmond Öfner


Edmond Öfner has led many expeditions and enjoys sharing his experiences with teams of entrepreneurs. These first-hand experiences are then used to facilitate training sessions and presentations. Edmond is an expert in building and improving effectual teams consisting of ambitious professions. His list of experiences and expeditions vary and are wide ranging. For example, expeditions to the top of Mount Everest and the North Pole enable him to prepare teams for setbacks, lemons and disappointments. He uses these experiences to highlight the importance of developing an effectual mindset that thrives on adaptability. The Effectuation principles provide Edmond with the framework to explain, train and facilitate teams to achieve unimaginable results.

Edmond also teaches conflict management (MBA) at the University of Maastricht. By showing his stunning slides and video footage, he discloses the core of co-operation. He also addresses theoretical, philosophical and ethical issues. His presentations are motivating and his training sessions and facilitation have proven to be successful. The comparison between practical examples of his extreme expeditions and so-called ‘normal’ organizations delivers the practical results.


Konnie Huijers


Konnieis passionate about coaching entrepreneurial people and confronting them with their powers and fears in a unique and insightful way. She also specializes in stimulating others to find their true passions and believes doing so accelerates team building, self confidence and in-the-box thinking for creativity and endurance. Creating a better future under uncertainty requires paradigm-shifts. In confronting and inspiring personal talks, Konnie guides effectuators to their roots in a way that causes ineffective behavior and helps them to find their own intrinsic passions and motivations. Konnie’s unique and inspiring approach requires people to get off their horse and get their hands dirty.


Frederike Boeren


Frederike enjoys coaching and challenging individual effectuators. She loves to facilitate in-depth training that provides others with the opportunity to identify their true passions and believes doing so accelerates self-esteem, self-confidence, creativity and endurance. Creating a future under uncertainty demands mind-shifts and often increases feelings of uncertainty in the beginning. In her inspiring talks, Frederike guides effectuators in a way that allows them to discover the causes of their ineffective behavior.

She also enjoys observing teams in action. This enables her to provide teams with additional insights that improve effectual team dynamics.


Rob Wiltbank

Managing Founder United States

Rob is an Associate Professor of Strategic Management for the Atkinson Graduate School of Management at Willamette University. His research focuses on strategy making under uncertainty. His Effectuation research on angel investing performance is the first large empirical examination of the outcomes achieved by angel investors in the U.S. He has published research in top tier academic journals, covering topics from top management teams to non-predictive strategies, to formal venture capital practices among angel investors. Co-author of the recently released book “The Catalyst”, based on his research as a Batten Institute Research Fellow with the Darden School at the University of Virginia, detailing how managers in existing companies successfully drive organic revenue growth. Rob is also Member of the editorial board of the Journal of Business Venturing. Ph.D. in Strategic Management (University of Washington), and he has a degree in Finance and Accounting (Oregon State University). Rob is also Partner with Montlake Capital, a growth stage venture capital firm in Seattle. His professional experience is mainly in the area of finance and sales for a major electronics manufacturer, strategic marketing for two startup firms, and performing due diligence for dozens of private equity investments.


Michael Faschingbauer

Managing Founder Austria

Michael is a management consultant, trainer and coach and has worked with the Effectuation-Intelligence Austria offices in Graz and Vienna since 2000. He has field and management experience in the automotive industry. Michael is considered a pioneer in transferring effectuation (entrepreneurial expertise) into various areas of professional action under uncertainty. He is founder of the web-platform, “Effectuation Forschung & Praxis” (www.effectuation.at |.ch|.de), and is author of “Effectuation: Wie erfolgreiche Unternehmer denken, entscheiden und handeln; Schäffer-Poeschel 2010”, a practitioner´s reference to effectuation in German language awarded “Managementbook of the year”.


Dietmar Grichnik

Managing Founder Switzerland

Dietmar is Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of St. Gallen (HSG). He is also Director of the HSG-Institute of Technology Management. His research expertise is in entrepreneurial action and decision-making under uncertainty. Dietmar has working and consulting experience with international start-ups and corporates (e.g. Deutsche Bank). Author of several books and articles in entrepreneurship and finance (e.g. published in a report on entrepreneurial finance for the OECD). For the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi), he served in a regional network initiative for fostering business and technology start-ups among students and scientists from research institutes and universities. Pioneer in teaching effectuation in the German speaking world, Dietmar is also Co-founder of the web platform “Effectuation Forschung” (www.effectuation.de).


Saras Sarasvathy

board of inspiration

Saras Sarasvathy founded the Effectuation theory in early 2000. Through her groundbreaking research under the supervision of Nobel Laureate, Herbert Simon, she changed how we perceive entrepreneurial thinking, decision-making, and actions.

It was her groundbreaking research under supervision of Nobel Laureate Herbert Simon that changed how we perceive entrepreneurial thinking, decision making and action. Saras is an Associate Professor and a member of the Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Ethics are and teaches courses in entrepreneurship and ethics in Darden’s MBA program. In addition, she teaches in doctoral programs not only at Darden, but also in Denmark, India, Croatia and South Africa.

Her scholarly work has won several awards, including the 2001 William H. Newman Award from the Academy of Management and the 2009 Gerald E. Hills Best Paper Award from the American Marketing Association. Her book Effectuation: Elements of Entrepreneurial Expertise (book overview) was nominated for the 2009 Terry Book Award by the Academy of Management.

In 2007, Sarasvathy was named one of the top 18 entrepreneurship professors by Fortune Small Business magazine. Saras is mainly focused on teaching and growing the academic knowledge of Effectuation. Her guidance provides us with the absolute latest in development of effectuation in the field and access to the best academic experts on effectuation around the world.


Stuart Read

Board of Inspiration

Stuart is a Professor of Marketing, Innovation and Entrepreneurship at IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland. He spent more than two decades involved with technological enterprises (among others, Oracle) and co-founded six high tech companies that were either merged with big players in their sector or went public. Stuart is a pioneer in Effectuation research and is an author of several scientific publications.


Nick Dew

Board of Inspiration

Nick Dew is an Associate Professor of Strategic Management at the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA. His research focuses on entrepreneurship and innovation. He has a Ph.D. and MBA from the University of Virginia and experience working in the international oil industry. He is the author of over 30 research papers and book chapters, and an award-winning entrepreneurship textbook. His work has been published in the Journal of Marketing, the Academy of Management Review, Strategic Management Journal, the Journal of Business Venturing and Organization Studies, among others.